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Volumizing Hair Conditioner

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This Hair Conditioner brings volume and texture to your hair by greatly nitrifying your scalp and making the roots strong. Our hair conditioner protects your hair from pollution and keeps them moisturized. Use it after the Volumizing Shampoo for better results.

  • When your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera, you might see that hair breakage and loss slows down.
  • Enriched with Bhringraj this conditioner Promotes hair growth and makes the hair lustrous
  • Brahmi is one ingredient in this conditioner that helps creates a natural protective layer, reduces the possibility of split ends, and makes the entire mane lustrous. It reduces dryness, itchiness, and flakes.
  • Gudhal another ingredient found in this conditioner contains a high amount of mucilage which acts as a natural conditioner.
  • Reetha helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp. Since dandruff is the prime cause of hair fall. It is a condition marked by flakes of dry skin on the scalp. Reetha helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth due to its Tridosha balancing property.