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Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 30ml

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Native to Indonesia Ylang Ylang tree oil has a very floral aroma to it, making it perfect for your aromatherapy sessions. Application of our Ylang Ylang essential oil rejuvenates your skin by providing the right amount of moisture making it soft and supple. Mixing 3 drops with carrier oil can provide healthy hair growth. You can also mix in as a bath oil which refreshes you skin and also reduces dryness.

Ylang ylang is a yellow, star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree (Cananga odorata). This tropical species is native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, such as India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Australia. Ylang ylang’s heady, aromatic scent is fruity, flowery, and rich. One of the main components of ylang ylang essential oil is linalool, a compound found to possess stress-reducing properties

  • Absorbing ylang ylang essential oil through the skin may help reduce stress levels. ylang ylang oil antioxidant properties mean it can help fight off the free radicals that are responsible for premature ageing
  • Due to its ability to regulate oil production in both areas, helping prevent excess dryness and oiliness in the process. As a result, it can help with overall skin health when added to skincare products
  • Owing to the presence of potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and pain-relieving properties of the active component isoeugenol, this oil is extensively used for providing relief from pain and inflammation in the case of arthritis and joint pain. This essential oil also helps to helps with Seborrheic conditions by lowering the irritation and redness by regularizing the production of sebum.
  • Touted for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, Ylang-ylang essential oil effectively heals wound and prevents skin infections. The soothing effects of the oil not only prevents itching and burning sensation but also helps in disinfecting the wound or bite to prevent further spreading of the infection.
  • Being a potent mood enhancer, Ylang-ylang essential oil plays a significant role in thwarting off depression and eliminates various symptoms of anxiety which include uneasiness, restlessness, cold hands, and feet, etc. It also actively helps to uplift mood and promote feelings of hope and joy.


100% Pure & Natural Ylang Ylang Oil - 30 ml

Direction to Use

1) Ylang Ylang essential oil can be used in aromatherapy sessions and diffusers.

2) Essential oils being potent should be diluted with carrier oil or masking powders when applied directly to your skin in order to avoid irritation.

3) Patch test recommended before use.