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Pure Orange Flower Oil 30ml

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Orange Flower Essential Oil has fresh and tangy fragrance that brings a sense of warmth and calmness when used in diffusers and humidifiers. Widely used in aromatherapy for its antidepressant and sedative properties that delivers a number of health and wellness benefits. Taking 2-3 drops of this oil and blending it with 3 tbsp carrier oil in order to massage your body to prevent tiredness and body ache. Adding a few drops to bath water/foot soak can help soothe your skin and lift your mood with a luxurious spa-like experience.

 Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of the sweet orange, Citrus sinensis. This is done by a method called cold pressing, which uses pressure to squeeze the oils from the rind. Sometimes, the leaves and flowers from the orange plant can be used as well. Orange essential oil appears to be effective at reducing levels of stress and anxiety. It may also be beneficial for depression

  • Spasms can result in many irritating or serious problems including continuous coughing, convulsions, muscle cramps, and diarrhea. To avoid these effects, spasms must be helps withed early or prevented entirely. This can be done with the help of orange essential oil, which relaxes muscular and nervous spasms
  • When you need to unwind after a hard day at the office or you are suffering from inflammation, reach for a natural sedative that helps you relax. The artificial sedatives or drugs available in the market are mostly tranquilizers based on narcotics or other synthetic forms. These, in the long run, do immense damage to the heart and various internal organs. It is a much better choice to use a natural sedative such as the orange essential oil. It alleviates anxiety, anger, depression, and certain bodily inflammations.
  • Orange essential oil provides quick and effective relief from inflammation, whether internal or external. Regardless of the reason, whether it is an excessive intake of spices, fever, infections, a side effect of antibiotics, gas, and ingestion of toxic substances or narcotics, the orange essential oil can reduce the irritation and pain
  • With raw materials carefully selected by our perfumers these compositions contain NO phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals or glycols
  • Our fragrance oils are a blend of essential oils, absolutes, natural distilled materials and extracts. Whether for a personal care product, candles or home freshener, this line of fragrances represent the closest to the beautiful aroma of a fruit, flower or their mixes as well as unique fantasy scents all made of natural ingredients.


100% Pure & Natural Orange Flower Oil - 30 ml

Direction to Use

  1. Orange Flower essential oil can be used in aromatherapy sessions and diffusers.
  2. Essential oils being potent should be diluted with carrier oil or masking powders when applied directly to your skin in order to avoid irritation.
  3. Patch test recommended before use.