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Pure Almond Oil 30ml

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Almond is a seed found inside the fruits of the Almond tree. These fruits look very similar to peaches, only green in color. So, this fact about Almond makes it a fruit, and not a nut! Almonds and Almond Oil are popular as rich sources of nutrients. You might have come across nutritionists advising people to add Almonds to their daily diet and Ayurveda beauty experts recommending Abhyanga (self-massage) with the oil to nourish the skin. Either way, Almonds provide us with what our body requires and form an important part of our life.

  • Almond oil gets soaked in our skin quickly, which makes it a powerful and effective moisturizer. You can apply it on the face as well as the body. Some people like to add essential oils and use Almond oil as the carrier oil for massaging their bodies.
  • We all have those extra dry spots like our elbows and feet that look dry and shabby. Before you give up on those areas of your body, try nourishing them with Almond Oil. If you find yourself scratching your flaky skin, Almond oil can help with that as well. Likewise, if your lips are dry and chapped, use sweet Almond oil to lock in the moisture for soft, plump lips!
  • For most of us, the idea of cleansing the face with oil is shocking. But oil cleansing is beneficial for your skin and Almond oil is one of the best oils to use for the cleanup.
  • Did you know that zinc present in Almond oil is an essential nutrient for healing acne scars? Almond Oil is an effective Helps withment of stretch marks and acne scars due to its unique composition.
  • Almond oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties of Almond oil make it an ideal solution for reducing the puffiness under the eyes and lightening the dark circles. Almond oil also has retinol, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K that soothes the skin under the eyes and reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.


100% Pure & Natural Almond Oil - 30 ml

Direction to Use

  1. Few drops of oil can be mixed with regular hair oil
  2. Helpful in face and body massage.
  3. Can be used in face masks in order to provide moisture to the skin.