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Vegan & Toxin Free

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Paraben Free | Sulfate Free | Clinically Tested


Vegan pro life brings you a wide range of beauty products that are exclusively tailored for your needs. None of our products, such as serums, masks, essential oils, hair care, etc., are manufactured from animal by-products. 

All our products are clinically tested through rigorous laboratory experiments and machinery, ensuring that no harm is ever brought to the animals of our planet for our products.

Hence, you can find all our beauty and wellness products to be completely vegan. 

The Vegan pro life offers you beauty products that are sustainable and less harmful to the environment. Since we prohibit animal testing and usage of animal by-products for our beauty products, there are no chances of adding to the ongoing soil erosion, climatic changes, and other environmental issues, which is another advantage of going all vegan!

When you switch to completely vegan beauty products, you eventually contribute to the wellness of our environment, which will take us to a better future. Also, every contribution matters. 

Thus, make the right choice and take the first step to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment with Vegan pro life!

Cruelty Free

Vegan Pro Life delivers you a wide range of completely cruelty-free beauty products which are clinically tested with no animal traces. 

Our products, such as carrier oils, health supplements, skincare, etc., go through rigorous quality checks and testing before getting delivered to your doorstep. Every product is toxin-free, and the ingredients are non-allergenic for the safety of our consumers. 

We strictly prohibit and condemn the process of animal testing or using of any animal by-products for our beauty products. 

We respect the life of animals and aim to contribute to environmental sustainability and wildlife, which is currently at high risk.

With the current wild life situation over the world with high chances of extinction, we are focused on eliminating any risk of laboratory testing on sensitive animals.

On that note, our products and their packaging are entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes them a suitable choice to reduce ongoing global warming and other environmental concerns.

Hence, switch to Vegan pro Life and opt for mindful beauty practices to save the environment for our future.

Gluten free

Vegan Pro Life caters to your skincare, body care, and overall health and wellness requirements with a wide range of entirely gluten-free products. 

All our beauty and health products are curated with natural ingredients that are non-allergenic to most people. 

A vast portion of the population is allergic or sensitive to gluten and opts for gluten-free products and diets. Due to this gluten intolerance, many people might struggle with skin or dietary concerns.

Our vision is to make your beauty products completely gluten-free with no compromise in quality!

We aim to be fully transparent regarding every ingredient used to manufacture our beauty products. Our website has information regarding the ingredients present in every product to maintain clarity with our consumers. There is no way that we will mislead or sell products that are not suitable for our consumers.

Some gluten ingredients that are a complete no-no in our products are Secale cereale, Avena sativa, barley, rye, etc.

Thus, get your favorite beauty and health products from Vegan pro Life and pamper your body without worrying about the risk of gluten!

Paraben Free

Vegan Pro Life brings you the best quality skincare products starting from serums, night gel, face masks to hair care products such as shampoo, conditioners, and hair oils with zero harmful chemicals and preservatives such as parabens.

Parabens are a very common ingredient in most beauty products due to their ability to increase the shelf life and prevent bacteria growth in the products. 

However, it can be severely dangerous for your health. Many different types of research claim parabens to be cancerous. Regular usage of parabens might even be lethal for your body.

We always believe in bringing the best to our customers and nothing less. Hence, we use better natural alternatives to parabens to curate our beauty products, keeping your safety and health into our prime consideration.

All our products in Vegan Pro Life are entirely paraben-free so that you can pamper your skin without the risk of any such adverse health issues!

You can always check out our website for the list of ingredients used to manufacture our beauty products prior to making the final purchase.

Likewise, you can also find the list of ingredients on our biodegradable packaging of Vegan Pro Life products.

Therefore, switch your beauty regime to Vegan Pro Life's paraben-free products and let the glow do the talking!

Sulfate free

Vegan Pro Life has a massive collection of sulfate-free skincare and haircare products explicitly designed to treat different concerns. 

Sulfates tend to irritate almost every skin type, especially sensitive skin type people. Countless consumers have a sensitive skin type, and sulfates are the last thing they would like to add to their body, skin, or hair.

Our prime focus is to build environmentally friendly, sustainable, and safe beauty products for our consumers.

Our beauty products are designed with ingredients that are 100% natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals and preservatives like sulfates. 

Every product you find on our website is free from SLS, SLES, and ALS, which are the most common sulfate-containing ingredients that can severely damage your skin.

To verify before your purchase, you can always check out our website for the list of ingredients of our products. This will ensure that you are using the safest products for your skin and hair with no compromise on your health.

Thus, ditch the sulfate-containing beauty products today and let your skin and hair feel nourished with the Vegan pro life's all-natural sulfate-free beauty products.

Clinically Tested

Vegan Pro Life brings you a fantastic collection of beauty and wellness products that are clinically tested and safe to consume and use.

When it comes to beauty products, it is crucial that you trust only the professionals and nobody else. You must check for regulatory compliances and disclaimers before purchasing any product to ensure authenticity and reliability. 

Our prime focus is to provide our consumers the best beauty products that are certified safe and authentic since your health is our ultimate concern. 

After manufacturing, every beauty product goes through a series of regulatory checks and processes from the country's best labs and technicians. The product is then thoroughly checked and verified safe. We ensure every beauty product meets all the regulatory compliances before delivering to your doorstep. Likewise, our brand is certified in providing beauty products that are completely safe for regular usage. 

Thus, trust the professionals, treat your skin with Vegan Pro Life's clinically tested beauty products and pamper your body!