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Why should you choose Vegan Face Serums over others?

Why should you choose Vegan Face Serums over others?

There are plenty of people going vegan this year, and the hype is quite accurate. However, transforming your diet into vegan recipes is not enough just yet. If you want to go truly vegan, you need to choose vegan skincare such as Vegan Face Serums and others. Vegan Face Serums have been one of the most sought-after skincare products in the world right now. With so many brands producing vegan skincare, vegan serums have been a trending product that you should absolutely add into your skincare routine. In case you are still onto non-vegan skincare products, now is the type to make the switch.

But how do you trust vegan serums over others, mainly when you have previously used non-vegan serum all your life and that already worked well for your skin? 

Today, we will bust the biggest dilemma and share how choosing vegan serums over others can prove immensely beneficial to both your skin and the planet. Let's check it out.

Why should you choose Vegan Face Serums over others?

As we said, vegan skincare products are way better compared to your regal skincare. Many happy customers at VeganProLife have not regretted a single day after turning into vegan skincare products like vegan serums. Let's understand the benefits of choosing vegan face serums over others and validate the hype around it. 

Plenty of ingredients for every skin type

If you are wondering, there are so many plant-based alternatives to your vegan serum ingredients. After years of research, you can find all the ingredients you will need to make your skin soft and shiny even after going vegan!

For example, for moisturizing effects, ingredients like vegetable oils with fatty acids mixed with other ingredients can be a safe replacement for using vegan serums.

Another great replacement for retinol which is an animal derivative, is the discovery of Bakuchiol. This hero ingredient is excellent for treating your skin concerns like pigmentation, aging skin, and other elements. 

Also, the ingredients are totally safe as these ingredients have been used for the past many years. These herbs have been a significant contribution to the world and now are an excellent choice for your vegan serum. 

Thus, you always have an ingredient suitable to your skin within your favorite vegan skin serums, irrespective of your skin concern. 

Saves the environment

Even though it is one of the most common reasons for going vegan, climate scientists have concluded how vegan skincare products have significantly contributed to a lesser animal cruelty rate globally. 

It offers a tremendous positive impact on the earth, and by eliminating the animal products both on your diet and skin care, you are indirectly contributing to a safer environment. 

For example, using a product like alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) from sugar cane instead of milk sugars can prove to be highly beneficial for both your skin and the environment. It saves the environment from animal cruelty, but it also eliminates the dead skin from your body and face.

Each of your purchases on vegan face serums can encourage farmers to grow more such crops and contribute to the industry of vegan skincare.


Another reason for the increasing popularity of vegan skincare and vegan serums is affordability. In the late century, with the vast array of vegan skincare products, you can get a good quality vegan serum at really affordable rates starting at just a mere dollar!

Non-vegan skincare serums can go exorbitantly high in prices depending on the ingredient. In vegan serums, you can find your required skincare ingredient at low rates! This means you can create your complete skincare routine at the lowest rates without any restrictions!

Free from SLS and Parabens

The most common ingredient despised in the skincare industry is SLS and parabens. These can get exceptionally harmful for your skin as they can make your skin dry, ripped off from the natural oils, and dull in the long run. 

These ingredients are mostly used in non-vegan skincare products to improve the shelf life of the products. However, since we aim for healthier skin that requires consistent application of skincare products, going a little shorter on the shelf life can prove to be really beneficial for your skin. 

SLS and parabens are never present in vegan serums, making these products a bit shorter on the shelf life. But at least you are not applying these harmful ingredients to your skin, right? 

Bid farewell to skin sensitivity issues

People with sensitive skin types can have a tough time with non-vegan skincare products. This is because many ingredients can get harmful to their skin type. 

To maintain a natural skin complexion without the risk of acne and pimples, you need to stop the chemical-laden products to prevent future damage to your skin. 

Vegan ingredients are way safe and secure for sensitive skin types. If you consistently suffer from sensitivity issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, or dry skin, you need to switch ASAP to save your skin from the irritating chemicals. 

Zero animal testing

Isn't it the best part about using vegan serums? Non-vegan products are consistently tested on animals, and no animal deserves that. They have the absolute right to live with freedom and no fear of being caught for testing out beauty and skincare products.

Vegan serums are made from continuous trials and testing, but you can be assured that no animals are involved in testing here. 

It also reduces the constant strain on the environment by not using animal products. This is because animal products are the most common contribution towards environmental damage like climate damage, water depletion, and soil erosion. Shifting to vegan serums can prove to be exceptionally fruitful in saving future generations.

Final thoughts

There are countless reasons to choose vegan serums over others. However, you need to focus on the most transparent and genuine vegan brands out there, like VeganProLife. You can find tons of various ingredients in vegan serums that are catered towards treating different skin concerns. So, what are you waiting for? Include the best vegan serums into your skincare routine and enjoy the benefits of your skin while saving the environment.

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