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Glow Up With These Eco-Friendly Vegan Skin Care Products

Glow Up with These Eco-Friendly Vegan Skin Care Products

Are you tired of checking the different ingredients in the skincare products you choose? People who want to use only vegan products have to research different ingredients before they decide to purchase. To help you out, we have come up with a list of the most renowned products in the market that are 100% vegan. No matter if you want extra bling to your makeup or you want to choose the shiny little face pack, you can get everything under the sky when it comes to vegan skincare products.

Thus, check this list and try to revamp your beauty box so that you can choose the best option for skincare products.


Pacifica Beauty

This is a beauty product manufacturing company that thinks that you can keep up with the unicorn trend. No matter if you want unicorn-studded mascara or rainbow highlighters, you can get any beauty product that you want at Pacifica beauty.


Mented Cosmetics

The company was started by two Harvard graduates. They wanted to fill the gap of nude makeup for women of color. The beauty and skincare products by this company have got cute names. The company makes sure that anyone can get perfect makeup that can complement their skin tone. This company is also known for offering only vegan skincare and beauty products.



This is an Australian company that has recently become a global brand. The company is focused on offering 100% organic and cruelty-free products. Some of the major vegan ingredients used in the products include cacao butter and macadamia seed oil.



You must be aware of this brand as they manufacture girls-inspired makeup brushes. The company offers the best collection of cruelty-free products. The company is also inspired by the film mean girls. If you want to be a beauty vlogger who promotes vegan skincare and beauty products, the spectrum can be one of the best brands to choose.


PHB Ethical Beauty

This is a UK-based company that sells vegan skincare products in more than 40 nations all around the world. The company donates almost 20% of its proceeds to charity. The company offers only vegan-certified products.



This brand is everyone's favorite drugstore beauty brand. The company has revolutionized the makeup world by offering high-quality vegan products at the most affordable price. You can get all your beauty essentials at the same place at E.L.F. So, choose E.L.F if you want to choose the best beauty products that are also vegan.


Au Naturale

The company is founded by a nuclear analyst. This company began its journey towards clean beauty products. The company also encourages consumers to seek transparency in the products they choose. The velvety smooth lipstick by Au Naturale will win your heart.


Aether Beauty Co

You will get some of the best beauty and skincare products on this platform. The gemstone-infused eyeshadow and the diamond highlighters are loved by people all over the world. The 100% vegan beauty products will help you in getting the look of your dream.

In addition to this, you can also check Vegan Pro Life to get quality beauty products at the most affordable price.

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