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A Skin Health Experts’ Guide to Summer Skin Care

A Skin Health Experts’ Guide to Summer Skin Care

Summers and suntan, pigmentation, sunburns, and other skin concerns go hand in hand. However, your skin should never limit your fun during sunny days. A strategic skincare routine is the best way to protect your skin against the sun and have all the fun you want without any limitations. Today, we will discuss the impacts of the sun's rays on our skin and some tips to beat this heat this summer! Let's get started!


How Do Summers Impact Your Skin?

Summers are now for adding unlimited skin concerns to your plate. In case you don't take care of your skin, it can severely damage your skin. Let's check out a few potential impacts of summer on your skin:

Heat Rashes

During summer, your skin gets under a lot of pressure. Hence, you tend to sweat a lot during summers. It results in more clogged pores where the dust and gunk get collected, restricting the sweat ducts and perspiration. This gives rise to itchy rashes and blisters to your skin which can go out of hand if not taken proper care of quickly.



During the afternoons, the sun rays get way too harsh for the skin. If your skin is exposed during these hours, you may witness red patches on your skin, which are the signs of sunburns. This is highly common among people with sensitive skin types.



Your skin needs enough water and moisture to stay hydrated. During the summers, your body drains more water than usual. This is one of the common reasons for dry and dull skin during the summers.

If you do not replenish it with both internal and external water consumption, your skin will start feeling stretchy, itchy and you may even lose consciousness!


Skin Infections

The hot temperature of the summers is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. If you touch your face often, you can quickly get the bacteria and viruses on your face, which, when exposed to the sun rays, can replicate even further and aid in skin infections!


Ugly Tans

Last but not least, the tans are the next most common thing all of us hate for summers. With higher exposure to the sun rays, your skin gets tanned way quicker than you would expect. You can quickly find the patches forming in your hands, feet, and face.


How To Protect Your Skin from The Summers - Advised by Skincare Experts

Now that we know the negative impact of the harsh sun rays on our skin, how can you protect your skin? No. Don't limit your pursuits due to the summers. Instead, we have the right tips for you to help you achieve your goals and have fun during the summer without any restrictions! Let's check them out.


Amp Up Your SPF

As obvious and common as it may sound, you are simply not allowed to leave your home without applying a good amount of sunscreen on your exposed areas. Including a broad-spectrum sunscreen with higher SPF can be great for keeping your skin protected for long hours.

However, ensure that you reapply sunscreen multiple times a day. Else, using sunscreen for the summers will go in vain.


Go Light on Your Skincare Routine

Often people consider that since you are sweating during the summers, all your skincare is washing off eventually. Thus, there is no need to follow a skincare routine during summers. This is one such myth we would like to bust today. Your skin needs enough hydration and protection from the sun to keep it soft and healthy.

If you want to prevent greasiness, you can opt for a lighter summer skincare routine.

To keep your skincare light during the summers, a great tip is to mix your moisturizer with your sunscreen. Not only will this hydrate your skin well, but it will also keep your skin protected from the sun. This way, you are eliminating a step from your skincare routine without compromising on the health of your skin.


Invest In a Good Vitamin C Serum

As we said, summers are popular for the suntans and pigmentation. You can prevent these sin concerns to a significant extent with a good skincare routine and sunscreen. However, if you are already struggling with these skin concerns, no need to worry.

Including good Vitamin C serums like Vitamin C face serum by the Vegan Pro Life, can help to improve the appearance of the pigmented patches on your skin and brighten up your skin tone.

Advised by the skincare experts, a few drops of the Vitamin C face serum can quickly help to eliminate the marks and bring glowy and radiant skin.

However, only include a Vitamin C face serum in your night-time skincare routine, as Vitamin C can do more harm than good when exposed to sun rays. Adding it into the nighttime skincare routine offers enough time for the skin to heal and replace the damaged cells.


Don't Skip on Exfoliation

Summers are the ideal time which can lead to more dry and dead skin. It is crucial to stay consistent with your skincare routine and exfoliate well. Adding exfoliation at least once or twice a week can help get rid of the damaged skin barriers and give rise to new skin cell regeneration.

Exfoliation religiously also helps fade away the suntan over time and add in a brighter complexion.


Final Words

Summer is the best time to enjoy the pool with your friends and fam. Don't be scared and stay locked up in the room due to the fear of the sun. With enough protection, you can be completely free from the risks of damaging sun rays. A good skincare routine followed with these few steps can save you from the long-term skin hassles that usually limit the fun and possibilities during the summer. Furthermore, following these steps will also ensure that your skin is healthy, fresh, and refreshed even during the most humid days of this year!

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